Hidden Cameras

Stay vigilant and protect your home or business with hidden cameras. These discreet surveillance cameras are an effective way to monitor your property and catch any suspicious activity. Learn about the different types of hidden cameras available, how to choose the best one for your needs, and how to install and maintain it for optimal performance. Stay informed and keep your property safe with our expert guide on hidden cameras.

Hidden Cameras

Spy Cameras

Keep Your Cameras Hidden Using Spy Cameras

If you are worried about thieves putting your cameras out of commission, you can use spy cameras instead. These hidden cameras offer the kind of security that you need in your home or office. While small in nature, there is nothing small about the pictures that they record. You can have an ultra-discreet camera which no one will suspect so that you can record more.

Wireless Motion Sensor Cameras

Many thieves expect to see a motion sensor in a home or office. These are generally ignored as long as they cannot see a camera. This is especially true whenever there is expected to be movement in a location. The camera is small enough that it is able to be in the location which the light might normally be. The pinhole lens has the ability to record to record in true color for more capture of what is going on in front of it.

Hook Cameras for the Home

Clothes hooks ate are also something which are generally ignored as the source of a camera. Using cameras that feature the same kind of pinhole lens cameras helps in getting a perfect vantage point for the entire room. This will help in making sure that the room will be recorded without anyone being any wiser about what is going on. Best of all, you will be able to still use the hook to hang your coat on when you get home.

Smoke Detector Cameras

To make sure that you will have a location which will provide you the same vantage point as a dome camera, you can get a smoke detector camera. This will allow you to have a camera which is in the ceiling so that you will have a better viewing angle of the room.

Digital Clock Cameras

The nanny cam is no longer in stuffed animals as it is too obvious. Instead, it is embedded in the face of the clock on the bedside table. Positioning this in different rooms allows you to be able to see more of what is happening.

Hidden Cameras

Bullet Cameras

Get Outdoor Versatility with Bullet Cameras

The ability to record things outside is made a lot easier with bullet cameras. These are sealed cameras which are perfect for the outside of the home or office because of the way that they protect the camera. Because all of the wiring is internal and there us a hood to cover the lens, the picture will always be crystal clear.

Where the Name Comes From

The most basic bullet cameras still resemble the original design which the name was created for. This is because the body shape of the shape of the camera resembles a shotgun bullet. The long, cylindrical design has been expended to include LED lights and infrared sensors among other things. The cylindrical shape is still popular for a few different reasons.

Tamper Resistant Design

Among the reasons why these are popular cameras is because they are safe for use in any condition. There are no exposed wires which can be cut or severed with any kinds of problems. There is also less risk that moving the camera from its vantage point will cause the loss of picture. This is because most of these are fitted with a wide angle lens to capture more of what is going on.

The same mount for securing the camera also has the wires if there are any. Some models do not even have a wire which can be disrupted. These allow you to affix these units anywhere that you want to have them. Even placing cameras in trees will allow you to have a vantage point which is not expected by many thieves.

Range of Features

Along with the ability to shoot in clear pictures, these bullet cameras also offer a variety of features to suit your needs. Many will allow for low light recording with special low light receptors. They also have automatic focusing lenses which concentrate on anything which comes into the lens. Because these are designed to withstand rain storms and more, they are can also get a clear picture in the rain. This will help you to have the versatility you need to always get a clear picture.

Hidden Cameras

Dome Cameras

dome cameras: cover corner to corner

Cover More Area for Surveillance with Dome Cameras

Stationary cameras will not capture nearly as much as is possible with dome cameras. This is because the motor inside of the dome will allow the camera to swivel around and even tilt the camera. This will give you the option to view at any angle. It makes sure that you have the ability to see everything which is going on in a given area.

Protecting the Camera

Another reason why many prefer to have domed cameras is because the camera is not exposed as it is in some of the other models. This will not only help in making sure that the camera will not be damaged by the elements. It will also help in obscuring from view exactly where the camera is pointed. This makes sure that thieves will not be able to know where the camera is pointed at any given time.

The motorized parts for the camera are also inside of the sealed case. This will help in making sure that you will be able to protect the gears from getting corroded even in humid or salty areas of the country. This will help in protecting the internal workings of the camera. It will also prevent the lens from getting steamed up from weather changes.

Remote Units

The case, which the camera is attached to, will allow for an antenna to be placed inside. This helps in making sure that the unit can be placed anywhere that you want it. You will not have to worry about stringing wires or providing a power source. You will only need to make sure that you are changing the batteries on occasion to keep the unit recording and transmitting.

Motion Detection

The ability to have a camera which moves will allow for a camera which follows movement. This will make sure that if there is activity that the camera will automatically follow the activity. This will help in making sure that you are able to capture everything which is happening without the need to have someone monitoring the surveillance equipment at all times.

Hidden Cameras

Box Cameras

Saving Money with Buying Great Box Cameras

A great way that you will be able to get a great security camera for less is to buy box cameras. These kinds of cameras are the basic models, but they still can record everything that is going on. Choosing the right one will help you to record even more on your property without having to break the bank.

Buying Multiple Packs

There are some from brands like Vitek which will allow you to be able to buy a ten pack. These do not have the highest quality, but they can cover every corner of your home or business. They will allow you to make sure that would be criminals are able to see they will not be able to escape the eyes of the camera.

Even in multiple packs, these box cameras are normally valued at under $100 each. This will make it very easy to afford to have the kind of security which will at least deter thieves from trying to enter your building.

Color versus Black and White

The choice between color and black & white is a personal choice. These box cameras will allow you to get a clear shot of anything going on within the property. Most surveillance experts will advise you to make sure that you are using color just because it makes it easier to identify things like clothing and vehicles on the property.

During the night time, it is slightly easier to see everything that is going on whenever using black & white. This is because there is less colors which will fade into one another. Using flood lights with the cameras will help those with color to be able to see more of what is going on outside of the building.

Easy Installation

Since these cameras are mounted rather than embedded, they are a lot easier to install. Simply make sure that the wires will have as little exposure as possible to keep thieves from attempting to cut the wires. Models with wires in the arm or that use a wireless transmitter are suggested for better safety.

Hidden Cameras

Alarm Clock Spy Cameras

Alarm Clock Spy Cameras

Alarm Clock Spy Camera – Top Three Uses

When it comes to doing surveillance the key to success is disguise. The only way to actually be able to capture images of a person in an act of dishonesty is to ensure that they do not think that they are being watched. When people are even suspicious they are being watched, they may alter their behavior or do their nefarious deeds elsewhere.

To offer a false sense of security that no one is looking over an individual’s shoulder, you need to use hidden cameras which do not raise suspicion. The best way to do this is by using surveillance equipment which is placed in everyday objects. Everyday objects can be placed in plain sight in the location which needs surveillance. One of best new surveillance items which are being used today for this purpose is an alarm clock spy camera. This is because these household items are not associated with cameras or surveillance equipment in general. People may find several various circumstances in which they could use these devices for spying. The top three uses are listed below.

Replacing the Nanny Cam

The use of cameras in teddy bears or other stuffed animals has become widely known. There are several movies and television shows which feature these older nanny cams anytime they are portraying a scene including this type of surveillance. This has made it where those who are in need of this type of surveillance can no longer effectively use these items. This is why several parents are opting to use an alarm clock camera as at home security cameras against possible threatening behavior from the nanny.

Bedroom Activity

When many people suspect that their spouse may be having an affair they may hire a private detective to gather evidence of these activities. A private detective can be very costly. Several people have found that using an alarm clock camera is not only cheaper, but it can deliver faster results. This is because these clocks can be place inside a bedroom without being conspicuous. Since they can be in a room where the alleged cheating may be taking place, they are capable of gathering more evidence and delivering it faster than a private detective could.

Catching a Thief

Anyone who may be worried about items in their bedroom being stolen can turn to alarm clock cameras. These cameras can gather incriminating evidence which other cameras may not be capable of doing because thieves will either avoid the obvious cameras or destroy them.

Hidden Cameras

Best Hidden Cameras

Three Product Reviews

When it comes to hidden cameras there are several options to choose from. Below is a review of three products which are currently offered on the market. Each of these devices can be used in very different situations. Look over these reviews to help you find the hidden camera which would be the best match for you and your specific surveillance needs. This list includes both at home security cameras and one which can be used anywhere.

Alarm Clock Camera

There are few items in a home which work as well an alarm clock to conceal a surveillance camera. This is because you can get an alarm clock camera which is fully functional. The cameras in these devices are motion sensor activated. The motion sensors are disguised as various component features of these clocks. This means you do not have to deal with reviewing hours of recording of an empty room.

These devices have a small DVR inside of them which is used to record the images picked up by the camera in them. When the camera is motion activated it records the images it is recording onto an SD card. This card can be later removed and used in your computer to view the recordings the device has captured.

Clock Radio Camera

These hidden cameras are some of the most covert when it comes to home surveillance equipment. People do not suspect these clocks from containing a camera since they fully function with a working back lit clock, a CD player, and a radio.

These cameras do not record images. Instead they transmit images to a DVR or a VCR where they can then be recorded for later use. Many of these clock record continuously. You can find a few of them which come with motion activated features to trigger recording on them.

Car Key Camera

This type of hidden camera is good for those who have the specific needs of legally recording audio in a surveillance situation. These cameras are also the best option for those who need to have a camera which they can easily keep on their person. This is because these cameras are one of the few which can legally contain a microphone.

These hidden cameras can record up to three hours of material at a time. After three hours they will need to have the recordings transferred before they can record again. While these cameras can be easily carried into several places with a person, they do require some special positioning when they are carried into a location where surveillance is necessary.