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Home Security

Home Security Monitoring

home security monitoring: such as wall camera installed outside at your door

What You Need for Affordable Home Security Monitoring?

Securing your home can take many different forms. From the kinds of physical barriers that you can have in place to the kind of home security monitoring you can use to watch your home, you will find there are many different options to choose from. This will help in making sure that you will be able to have more than just a great security camera system on your home. It will assure that you will have someone who will come calling if there is ever a break-in.

Getting Free Merchandise

A great thing that you will be able to get from some of the services available is that they will pay to provide you the equipment that you will need to monitor your home. Everything from the motion sensors to the kinds of monitors for doors and windows might be installed free of charge. This will also include the access terminals as well as remote devices. The idea is to give you the merchandise which will guarantee your safety.

Visual Access to Security System

Anytime you are paying to get your home security system monitored, it is a good idea to make sure that you have visual access to it as well. This helps in making sure that you will be able to provide information about whether an alarm has been triggered by accident or if there is an actual break-in in process. By looking at the security cameras through your computer or smartphone, you will be able to see if maybe your kids forgot the pass code again.

Verbal Access to Security

Another item you should look for in good home monitoring service is the ability to get help simply by crying out for it. By monitoring your home for certain keywords, the system will be able to notify those monitoring your system about a possibly dangerous situation in your home. Rather than having a human eavesdropping on everything you say, a computer will listen in to identify certain words and spring into action when they are heard.

Temperature Monitors

Another item which is important to have are different kinds of temperature monitors, These can help to alert those who monitor your home if there is a sudden change in temperature going up. This will alert them of the danger of a possible fire so that they can get the emergency personnel there as fast as possible.

Home Security

Sliding Glass Door Locks

Sliding Glass Door Locks: How To Make Them Highly Secure?

There are few points on your home which are less secure than the large window called your sliding glass door. Even using a security camera system will not stop some brazen thieves from entering using these. Simply by swinging a piece of patio furniture through the glass, they will have instant access. Of course, since these are all too often left unlocked or easy to bypass, they will not have to try too hard to get through the door. There are a few ways that you can increase the security of these doors so that the rest of your home is more secure.

Adding Bolts to the Frame

The frame of the sliding glass door is bolted to the home. By adding bolts to the actual frame of the glass, you will be able to make sure that the flimsy sliding glass door locks are backed up by engaging these bolts. Simply by bolting the door, it will be impossible to use a pick to bypass the door. By making sure that these are visible to thieves, they will not attempt to open your door.

Adding a Security Bar

Many doors have the ability to prevent intruders using a security bar as a deterrent. The bar is locked into place from the door to the frame. The effect this has is that it will make it where the door will not slide open unless it is disengaged. By using a bar which can only be removed after the door has been unlocked it adds even more time to a break-in. This will increase the chances they will either not try in the first place or that they will get caught if they do.

Glass Tampering Monitor

Another way that you will be able to increase the security of these kinds of doors is to install a sensor on the glass. This will detect any kind of vibrations above the normal amount. This way, if the home security system is armed, the door will detect if someone is trying to force entry on the door lock or by breaking the glass. By triggering the alarm, it will cause most thieves to run from the scene. Be careful not have these be too sensitive as they might be triggered by strong winds in the area or even by your dog barking too close to the glass.

Home Security

Deadbolt Locks

Deadbolt Locks: a serious option for door security

Guide To Buying Deadbolt Locks

The mainstay of security on most front doors is the deadbolt lock. It allows far more protection from those who might want to break into the home by allowing the door to be secured to the frame. These kinds of bolts have been used for decades to provide the kind of protection families need. Choosing the right one means getting to know one of three different types.

Single Cylinder Deadbolts

Probably the most common out of all of the deadbolts, this includes a key entry on the outside with the ability to slide the lock open from the inside. This kind of deadbolt is the standard included in most home construction as it will allow those inside of the home to be able to get out in case of an emergency.

Double Cylinder Deadbolt

Those looking for more security without regard to being able to easily open a door from the inside might consider installing the kinds of deadbolts which will allow you to have a key lock on both sides. These are not normally installed on doors to private residences, but are used on security screen doors as they are only closed whenever the most amount of protection is needed.

These are also handy for use on some closets where you might keep valuables. This is because if anyone does gain access to the closet by any other means, you do not want to give them an easy escape route. With any luck, they will be stuck in the closet until the police arrive.

Keyless Entry Deadbolt

The safest of the deadbolts that you will be able to purchase should have a keyless entry feature. These are handy not only because they will remove a reason why you do not lock your doors. They will also help you to be able to give access to those who have locked themselves out of the house. By connecting your smartphone to the security camera system, you will be able to see who is at your front door whenever you want to. This way, whenever your kids call to say that they are locked out, you can verify that they are safe.

Whenever you buy these kinds of deadbolts, you might want to have an option to use a key if you want to. This way if the device fails to open the door, you will be able to use a physical means to open the door to your home.

Home Security

Push Button Locks

Push Button Lock And Security Screen Door

Securing your home goes well beyond the security camera system that you install in your home. Most security professionals will tell you that superior physical barriers will allow you to be able to maintain the safety of your home at all times. Two of the ways that you will be able to assure that there are always physical barriers in place is to use a push button lock and a security screen door.

The Advantage of the Push Button Lock

Many people will forego locking doors at times because it is tedious whenever leaving the home for short jaunts. Of course, with it only taking a few minutes to remove many of your prized possessions, it is necessary to always maintain locked doors. Using push button locks makes it possible for you to lock your doors remotely.

The biggest advantage this offers you is convenience. You will not have to fumble with keys when you approach the home. Simply hit the button and the door is unlocked. Hit the button again and the door is locked. By combining the arming of the security system with the locking of the doors, it is possible for you to save time and also to decrease the possibility that you will leave the doors unlocked or the security unarmed.

Additional Security with a Security Screen Door

With kick-ins being more common, more people are turning to the added security that a security screen door can provide. Made of metal designs that you can choose depending on your tastes, these prevent access to the main door itself. Any thieves trying to gain access through the front door will have to go through this added security measure first. Those who gain access to the house through a window will lack the ability to get out through this door and will be locked in.

By employing a design which is completely metal, including the frame, it makes getting through the door nearly impossible to accomplish. The different designs allow you to turn a security provision into something which will allow you to be able to add more style to your home.

Make sure that these are installed by a security professional so that the screws are not accessible when the door is closed. Not even from the inside. This will help in making sure that there is no way that the door can be bypassed.

Home Security

Ideal Home Security

ideal home security: One of the idea would be to have a beware of dog poster

5 Ideas For Creating The Ideal Home Security System

Deterrents of all kinds should be used to protect your home from thieves. Not concentrating too much on any one part will help you to have a multipronged approach to defending your home. This will lead to better results in terms of protection. Here are five ways that you can add to your home’s security.

Strengthen Door and Window Security

While having a good security camera system is highly important, it will not actually stop thieves from entering your home. It is necessary for you to have reinforced doors and windows as physical barriers from those who would try to break into your home. Using such things as bars on doors as well as smaller window panes can help in preventing a break-in.

Get a Dog

Not only are pets great for providing companionship whenever you are feeling down. They will also help in making sure that you are getting everything that you need to be aware if someone is approaching or has entered your home. The dog you buy does not have to be an attack dog. They just have to make enough noise to attract attention and cause a burglar to feel that they are exposed.

Talk to Others

While the computer is a viable source of all kinds of information, you should talk to friends, family and industry professionals to see which of the different security items should be in place to offer more security for your home. Take notes as you are getting advice and compare notes to choose what you like best.

Make Your Own Deterrents

You will be surprised by what adding a longer screw to the frame of a window lock can do to prevent a break in. Alternatively, a sign displaying the kind of security system you have helps as a deterrent. Those thinking about breaking into your home will either be unable to because they are blocked or will think twice when faced with the possibility of being filmed or caught.

Getting Deals Whenever Possible

Many companies are willing to provide you certain freebies as long as you are paying for the rest of their service. Certain things like free monitoring can be available whenever you are paying for the equipment which is installed. You might also get some free equipment as a complimentary part of a service you get. Anything which will make security for your home more affordable will help you to maintain a safer home.

Home Security

Garage Security

garage security: many options are offered to you

Different Entry Options For Your Garage Door

Many of the security systems that you have for your home like the security camera system is to protect your home. Other items that you can install will help in making sure that you and your family will be able to get everything that you will need so that you will be able to gain easier access to your home. With so many homes having problems in which the remote control for the garage door is misplaced, you might want some alternative methods to open the door.

Numeric Pads

Among the original ways to make sure that you are able to get into your garage other than a remote is to use a keypad. These are generally attached to the outside of the garage on the door frame. You will enter a predetermined code so that the door will open. The majority of the units will include a mechanism which will lock the system if too many false attempts are made. They can even be set to wirelessly contact the authorities if a possible break-in is happening.

Card Readers

Another fairly basic technology is to use a card reader. These use a magnetic strip on a card which can be read by swiping it through a magnetic reader. They can also use an embedded RFID chip in the card which can be read by tapping the reader with the card. The information is read by the computer to identify the card and open the door.

Biometric Readers

A more secure way to gain access to the garage is through the use of a biometric reader. These include the readers which will scan fingerprints as well as those which recognize voice patterns or iris scans. While some are opposed to these kinds of scans, most can see these as a great way to securely identify those who should be in the home.

Secure Apps for Smartphones

Those who have smartphones like iPhone, Android and Blackberry can install apps which will allow you to have access to the garage opener. These can be equipped with codes or other security questions. The ability to enter the right information will give you access whenever you need it. It can even help parents to let the children into the home whenever they have misplaced their key to the front door. Some of these will even allow you to access the security camera to make sure that you know exactly who you are letting into your home.

Home Security

Security for the Elderly

Security for the elderly: can be as an example, cameras at the building entrance

How Home Security Systems Help Keep The Elderly At Home

Most people do not want to live in a nursing home as the get older, but this does not change the need that they have for constant care. To make sure that your loved ones are getting the help that they will need to live on their own, you can install a security camera system to help in protecting them. By making sure that the system is monitored, it will help them to stay safe and to get help as soon as they will need it.

Help in a Fire

Even with a fire alarm, there is no guarantee that those inside of the home will hear it or that they will be able to get help in time. Sensitive features in new cameras include the ability to detect changes in temperature over a short period of time. Those monitoring the system will be able to get help to the home immediately. This will help a small fire from becoming a large one. If the people inside of the home are asleep, the rescue agents will be able to save them from being burned alive.

Stopping Thieves

Since break-ins are highly common, the monitored security system will not only catch would be thieves on camera. It will summon the police well before there is ever a problem in which those inside of the home might be harmed. Even if the security alarm system is bypassed, the camera will detect the noises and those monitoring can call for help.

By recording the thieves, they will be easy to apprehend whenever the police arrive. Those who are arrested will not revisit the home and a reputation might be gained in which other thieves will not try to force entry into the home as they will know that they too will be apprehended.

Aiding in a Medical Emergency

When people fall in their home, they will not be able to get to a phone to call for help. Simply by having the home monitored, it is possible that they will be able to simply call out and get the medical attention that they will need right away. Having some of the personal information about medical problems and allergies on file will assist those providing help to make sure that they are not doing anything which will harm those that they are bringing help to.