Dome Cameras

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Cover More Area for Surveillance with Dome Cameras

Stationary cameras will not capture nearly as much as is possible with dome cameras. This is because the motor inside of the dome will allow the camera to swivel around and even tilt the camera. This will give you the option to view at any angle. It makes sure that you have the ability to see everything which is going on in a given area.

Protecting the Camera

Another reason why many prefer to have domed cameras is because the camera is not exposed as it is in some of the other models. This will not only help in making sure that the camera will not be damaged by the elements. It will also help in obscuring from view exactly where the camera is pointed. This makes sure that thieves will not be able to know where the camera is pointed at any given time.

The motorized parts for the camera are also inside of the sealed case. This will help in making sure that you will be able to protect the gears from getting corroded even in humid or salty areas of the country. This will help in protecting the internal workings of the camera. It will also prevent the lens from getting steamed up from weather changes.

Remote Units

The case, which the camera is attached to, will allow for an antenna to be placed inside. This helps in making sure that the unit can be placed anywhere that you want it. You will not have to worry about stringing wires or providing a power source. You will only need to make sure that you are changing the batteries on occasion to keep the unit recording and transmitting.

Motion Detection

The ability to have a camera which moves will allow for a camera which follows movement. This will make sure that if there is activity that the camera will automatically follow the activity. This will help in making sure that you are able to capture everything which is happening without the need to have someone monitoring the surveillance equipment at all times.

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