Car Alarm Systems

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Get More than Noise with the Right Car Alarm Systems

The problem with many car alarm systems is that they are simply ignored by those who hear them. If you are in a building or asleep, you might not even hear the alarm while it is going off. Getting a system which will do more than just make noise will allow you to have better control over the safety of your vehicle. This is possible by considering some of the options available to you.

Starter Disabler

Once a thief is able to get inside of the vehicle, most car alarms will be disengaged by the start of the vehicle. By having a system which will not allow the car to start unless the key fob is close to the starter will help in protecting against this from happening. These generally will also allow you to remotely start your vehicle so that you will be able to have your car ready to go once you get inside of it.

Remote Alarm

Car alarms can provide you with the ability to be warned with a beep on your keychain whenever your car has been entered. This will make sure that not even being deep inside of a mall will cause you to miss that your car alarm is going off. You will even be able to get units which will vibrate in your pocket so that you will be able to know when your car alarm is going off even if you are in a noisy room.

Location Specific Sensors

Through the use of LCD screens, it is possible to see not only that someone is trying to break into your car. You will also be able to see where they are trying to break in at. These can transmit to your control even if you are as far as a mile away from the vehicle.

You can use these to issue a warning to those attempting to break in. This is a bit more pointed than a blaring alarm. If the thief persists, you will be able to use the same control to disengage the starter so that they will not get anywhere.

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