Spy Cameras

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Keep Your Cameras Hidden Using Spy Cameras

If you are worried about thieves putting your cameras out of commission, you can use spy cameras instead. These hidden cameras offer the kind of security that you need in your home or office. While small in nature, there is nothing small about the pictures that they record. You can have an ultra-discreet camera which no one will suspect so that you can record more.

Wireless Motion Sensor Cameras

Many thieves expect to see a motion sensor in a home or office. These are generally ignored as long as they cannot see a camera. This is especially true whenever there is expected to be movement in a location. The camera is small enough that it is able to be in the location which the light might normally be. The pinhole lens has the ability to record to record in true color for more capture of what is going on in front of it.

Hook Cameras for the Home

Clothes hooks ate are also something which are generally ignored as the source of a camera. Using cameras that feature the same kind of pinhole lens cameras helps in getting a perfect vantage point for the entire room. This will help in making sure that the room will be recorded without anyone being any wiser about what is going on. Best of all, you will be able to still use the hook to hang your coat on when you get home.

Smoke Detector Cameras

To make sure that you will have a location which will provide you the same vantage point as a dome camera, you can get a smoke detector camera. This will allow you to have a camera which is in the ceiling so that you will have a better viewing angle of the room.

Digital Clock Cameras

The nanny cam is no longer in stuffed animals as it is too obvious. Instead, it is embedded in the face of the clock on the bedside table. Positioning this in different rooms allows you to be able to see more of what is happening.

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