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Deadbolt Locks

By Home Security Specialist

December 24, 2022

Guide To Buying Deadbolt Locks

The mainstay of security on most front doors is the deadbolt lock. It allows far more protection from those who might want to break into the home by allowing the door to be secured to the frame. These kinds of bolts have been used for decades to provide the kind of protection families need. Choosing the right one means getting to know one of three different types.

Single Cylinder Deadbolts

Probably the most common out of all of the deadbolts, this includes a key entry on the outside with the ability to slide the lock open from the inside. This kind of deadbolt is the standard included in most home construction as it will allow those inside of the home to be able to get out in case of an emergency.

Double Cylinder Deadbolt

Those looking for more security without regard to being able to easily open a door from the inside might consider installing the kinds of deadbolts which will allow you to have a key lock on both sides. These are not normally installed on doors to private residences, but are used on security screen doors as they are only closed whenever the most amount of protection is needed.

These are also handy for use on some closets where you might keep valuables. This is because if anyone does gain access to the closet by any other means, you do not want to give them an easy escape route. With any luck, they will be stuck in the closet until the police arrive.

Keyless Entry Deadbolt

The safest of the deadbolts that you will be able to purchase should have a keyless entry feature. These are handy not only because they will remove a reason why you do not lock your doors. They will also help you to be able to give access to those who have locked themselves out of the house. By connecting your smartphone to the security camera system, you will be able to see who is at your front door whenever you want to. This way, whenever your kids call to say that they are locked out, you can verify that they are safe.

Whenever you buy these kinds of deadbolts, you might want to have an option to use a key if you want to. This way if the device fails to open the door, you will be able to use a physical means to open the door to your home.

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