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Push Button Locks

By Home Security Specialist

December 24, 2022

Push Button Lock And Security Screen Door

Securing your home goes well beyond the security camera system that you install in your home. Most security professionals will tell you that superior physical barriers will allow you to be able to maintain the safety of your home at all times. Two of the ways that you will be able to assure that there are always physical barriers in place is to use a push button lock and a security screen door.

The Advantage of the Push Button Lock

Many people will forego locking doors at times because it is tedious whenever leaving the home for short jaunts. Of course, with it only taking a few minutes to remove many of your prized possessions, it is necessary to always maintain locked doors. Using push button locks makes it possible for you to lock your doors remotely.

The biggest advantage this offers you is convenience. You will not have to fumble with keys when you approach the home. Simply hit the button and the door is unlocked. Hit the button again and the door is locked. By combining the arming of the security system with the locking of the doors, it is possible for you to save time and also to decrease the possibility that you will leave the doors unlocked or the security unarmed.

Additional Security with a Security Screen Door

With kick-ins being more common, more people are turning to the added security that a security screen door can provide. Made of metal designs that you can choose depending on your tastes, these prevent access to the main door itself. Any thieves trying to gain access through the front door will have to go through this added security measure first. Those who gain access to the house through a window will lack the ability to get out through this door and will be locked in.

By employing a design which is completely metal, including the frame, it makes getting through the door nearly impossible to accomplish. The different designs allow you to turn a security provision into something which will allow you to be able to add more style to your home.

Make sure that these are installed by a security professional so that the screws are not accessible when the door is closed. Not even from the inside. This will help in making sure that there is no way that the door can be bypassed.

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