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Garage Security

By Home Security Specialist

December 23, 2022

Different Entry Options For Your Garage Door

Many of the security systems that you have for your home like the security camera system is to protect your home. Other items that you can install will help in making sure that you and your family will be able to get everything that you will need so that you will be able to gain easier access to your home. With so many homes having problems in which the remote control for the garage door is misplaced, you might want some alternative methods to open the door.

Numeric Pads

Among the original ways to make sure that you are able to get into your garage other than a remote is to use a keypad. These are generally attached to the outside of the garage on the door frame. You will enter a predetermined code so that the door will open. The majority of the units will include a mechanism which will lock the system if too many false attempts are made. They can even be set to wirelessly contact the authorities if a possible break-in is happening.

Card Readers

Another fairly basic technology is to use a card reader. These use a magnetic strip on a card which can be read by swiping it through a magnetic reader. They can also use an embedded RFID chip in the card which can be read by tapping the reader with the card. The information is read by the computer to identify the card and open the door.

Biometric Readers

A more secure way to gain access to the garage is through the use of a biometric reader. These include the readers which will scan fingerprints as well as those which recognize voice patterns or iris scans. While some are opposed to these kinds of scans, most can see these as a great way to securely identify those who should be in the home.

Secure Apps for Smartphones

Those who have smartphones like iPhone, Android and Blackberry can install apps which will allow you to have access to the garage opener. These can be equipped with codes or other security questions. The ability to enter the right information will give you access whenever you need it. It can even help parents to let the children into the home whenever they have misplaced their key to the front door. Some of these will even allow you to access the security camera to make sure that you know exactly who you are letting into your home.

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