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Three Product Reviews

When it comes to hidden cameras there are several options to choose from. Below is a review of three products which are currently offered on the market. Each of these devices can be used in very different situations. Look over these reviews to help you find the hidden camera which would be the best match for you and your specific surveillance needs. This list includes both at home security cameras and one which can be used anywhere.

Alarm Clock Camera

There are few items in a home which work as well an alarm clock to conceal a surveillance camera. This is because you can get an alarm clock camera which is fully functional. The cameras in these devices are motion sensor activated. The motion sensors are disguised as various component features of these clocks. This means you do not have to deal with reviewing hours of recording of an empty room.

These devices have a small DVR inside of them which is used to record the images picked up by the camera in them. When the camera is motion activated it records the images it is recording onto an SD card. This card can be later removed and used in your computer to view the recordings the device has captured.

Clock Radio Camera

These hidden cameras are some of the most covert when it comes to home surveillance equipment. People do not suspect these clocks from containing a camera since they fully function with a working back lit clock, a CD player, and a radio.

These cameras do not record images. Instead they transmit images to a DVR or a VCR where they can then be recorded for later use. Many of these clock record continuously. You can find a few of them which come with motion activated features to trigger recording on them.

Car Key Camera

This type of hidden camera is good for those who have the specific needs of legally recording audio in a surveillance situation. These cameras are also the best option for those who need to have a camera which they can easily keep on their person. This is because these cameras are one of the few which can legally contain a microphone.

These hidden cameras can record up to three hours of material at a time. After three hours they will need to have the recordings transferred before they can record again. While these cameras can be easily carried into several places with a person, they do require some special positioning when they are carried into a location where surveillance is necessary.

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