Sliding Glass Door Locks

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Sliding Glass Door Locks: How To Make Them Highly Secure?

There are few points on your home which are less secure than the large window called your sliding glass door. Even using a security camera system will not stop some brazen thieves from entering using these. Simply by swinging a piece of patio furniture through the glass, they will have instant access. Of course, since these are all too often left unlocked or easy to bypass, they will not have to try too hard to get through the door. There are a few ways that you can increase the security of these doors so that the rest of your home is more secure.

Adding Bolts to the Frame

The frame of the sliding glass door is bolted to the home. By adding bolts to the actual frame of the glass, you will be able to make sure that the flimsy sliding glass door locks are backed up by engaging these bolts. Simply by bolting the door, it will be impossible to use a pick to bypass the door. By making sure that these are visible to thieves, they will not attempt to open your door.

Adding a Security Bar

Many doors have the ability to prevent intruders using a security bar as a deterrent. The bar is locked into place from the door to the frame. The effect this has is that it will make it where the door will not slide open unless it is disengaged. By using a bar which can only be removed after the door has been unlocked it adds even more time to a break-in. This will increase the chances they will either not try in the first place or that they will get caught if they do.

Glass Tampering Monitor

Another way that you will be able to increase the security of these kinds of doors is to install a sensor on the glass. This will detect any kind of vibrations above the normal amount. This way, if the home security system is armed, the door will detect if someone is trying to force entry on the door lock or by breaking the glass. By triggering the alarm, it will cause most thieves to run from the scene. Be careful not have these be too sensitive as they might be triggered by strong winds in the area or even by your dog barking too close to the glass.

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